Andrea Baker Consulting

Andrea Baker Consulting provides business attraction, development services, program development and community outreach to both for-profit and non-profit developments in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Business Attraction and Retention Strategies

Comprehensive business development services, which includes business attraction and retention strategies and technical consulting in management and operations. Additional services in research, marketing, staff and client development are available.

Recent projects in business attraction and retention strategies.

Program Development

Comprehensive management and operational experience in light manufacturing, restaurant and retail industries.

More about recent projects in: the Fillmore and Bayview districts, including the Bayview Underground Food Scene.

Business Management & Operations

Business and strategic planning that allow for thoughtful planned expansions.

Community Outreach

Engagement of community stakeholders and facilitation of visioning and planning discussions throughout various phases of business and community development.

Real Estate

Working with developers throughout entitlement process.

More about recent business consultations and clients.

Andrea Baker Consulting in San Francisco